Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The 7 x table


na.runo.suko said...

Hello Steve,
it's Eva here. I had 1:1 maths help with you for the higer maths. i'm the polish girl from the Return to Study course in Soundwell. I just wanted to tell you once again how glad I'm that I had you as a tutour and to thank you for all the help - I couldn't have a better teacher. There aren't so many teachers there who care about students development and acctually have the passion for what they do and you're deffinetely a great teacher. Anyway! Your hard work didn't go without appreciating and ... good results! I got a B in maths. I couldn;t believe since as I have never liked maths (acctualy couldn;t stand it at all). Now I really love maths. And we all know that the subject itself can't make the student fall in love with it but...the teacher can! So yes, thanks so much again.
PS I'm doing science gcse now but i'm missing doing maths and thinking about doing a-level in maths before I forget it all.

Greetings from Winchester

Steve said...

Hi Ewa,

Thnaks for that! Great to hear you got a B - well done.

All the best for your future studies,


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